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Latest news

NEXT offers next gen jeans powered by THERMOLITE® INFRARED technology

The global retailer NEXT recently launched performance denim warming jeans for women that raise the temperature of the garment—making them ideal for cold weather.

The LYCRA Company Introduces THERMOLITE® ECOMADE Fiber Made from 100% Textile Waste for Insulations


H&M Kids Collection Features THERMOLITE® EcoMade Technology

A padded coat made with THERMOLITE® EcoMade technology is part of a new H&M Kids collection for Autumn 2021. THERMOLITE® EcoMade padding made from 100% recycled PET bottles will help keep kids warm and dry in cold and wet conditions.

THERMOLITE® EcoMade Technology Brings Lightweight Warmth, Dry Comfort to New C&A Collection

Discover the new C&A outdoor line offering permanent warming performance and supported by a 360-degree marketing campaign.

A Step Towards Circularity: New Fibers from 100% Textile Waste

Watch our latest webinar to learn more about our new innovations made from 100% textile waste

THERMOLITE® EcoMade fiber made from 100% textile waste

Introducing the launch of THERMOLITE® EcoMade fiber made from 100% textile waste. This new offering under the THERMOLITE® EcoMade brand delivers both performance and sustainability attributes.