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2022 Planet Agenda Update

A Shared Agenda for Positive Impact


Planet Agenda continues to guide our evolution. Through this strategic framework, we seek to contribute to the sustainability of the apparel and personal care industries by delivering insights, technologies, processes, and products that add value and helps conserve resources at all levels of the value chain, starting with our own raw materials, through production and extended consumer use.

A Message From Our CEO

"Welcome to our 2022 Planet Agenda Update. Last year, we publicly declared our sustainability goals for the first time. This year, we’re delighted to report on our progress in achieving these goals. Our journey of innovation and impact continues as we provide sustainable solutions that complement the goals of our customers while reducing our collective footprint."

- Dean Williams

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Let Us Help You Meet Your Sustainability Commitments

From fibers made with recycled and renewable materials to quality fibers that create durable garments, we are an industry leader in developing sustainable fashion solutions.

2022 Global Sustainability Scorecard

View our progress against our 2030 goals in this abridged scorecard. This document is also included in the downloadable 2022 Planet Agenda Update above.

Note: The information in this document covers The LYCRA Company’s global operations for fiscal 2022, which ended on December 31, 2022, unless otherwise noted.

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