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观看:LYCRA®(莱卡®)ECOMADE 纤维的制造方法

Published on Apr 21, 2020


LYCRA®(莱卡®)、THERMOLITE® 和 COOLMAX 品牌均提供 EcoMade 纤维款

探索 EcoMade 品牌


许多产品均通过了 GRS、OEKO-TEX® 等测试和认证

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LYCRA®(莱卡®)EcoMade 纤维是莱卡公司首个采用使用前材料制成的弹性纤维品牌。与其他 LYCRA®(莱卡®)纤维一样,该技术能提供同样的持久舒适性、合身性和运动自由度。将材料重新投入生产还可减少送往垃圾填埋场的废物。
“The product itself is no different than other types of LYCRA® fiber – in terms of properties or qualities – but the way it’s made is different”

Sergio Stella

Operations manager, Paulinia manufacturing site, Brazil

The LYCRA Company

Recycling to reduce waste

We take yarn that for whatever reason didn’t make into a box, cut it and dissolve it into a polymer solution, mix it with regular (polymer) solution, and then make it into LYCRA® fiber again. This helps the environment by reducing waste, while giving customers and consumers something they’re looking for,” Stella added.

LYCRA® EcoMade fiber is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified and supports the Product Sustainability pillar of The LYCRA Company’s Planet Agenda platform, which focuses on developing products that use fewer resources and improve the environmental performance of fabrics and garments throughout their lifecycle. Planet Agenda, which also includes pillars on Corporate Responsibility and Manufacturing Excellence, represents the company’s commitment to developing products and technologies that minimize its environmental footprint, enhance the performance of its customers’ offerings, and safeguard the health and safety of employees and local communities.

"At The LYCRA Company, we’re focused on developing solutions for a circular economy. Under our Planet Agenda platform, we are also working on technologies for recycling stretch garments, extending garment wear life, and helping our customers use fewer, and more sustainable resources."

Jean Hegedus

Sustainability Director

The LYCRA Company

Pre-consumer recycled materials can be found in jeans with LYCRA® EcoMade technology

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