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SPOTLIGHT: New talent powers promising future for Zimmermann

Published on Jun 16, 2021
Employees at Zimmermann stand between boxes of LYCRA® fiber and covered yarns it has manufactured using our elastane.
The LYCRA Company recently interviewed Ibrahim Soenmez, sales manager at the W. Zimmermann GmbH & Co. KG, one of the world’s longest-running producers of covered yarns.

A pioneer in the production of compression yarns for the medical sector, Zimmermann also produces technical yarns and yarns for lifestyle products. The company is headquartered in central Europe between the Allgäu Alps and Lake Constance, with an additional production site in Germany and a subsidiary in North Carolina, U.S.A.

We spoke with Ibrahim about his new role and the future of Zimmermann.


Can you briefly introduce the company and share what’s coming up?

Our mix of tenured talent and newer team members underscores our excitement to face new challenges. Andreas Netzer, who joined as our new commercial director, will design lean and fast processes. We also have a group of young textile engineers who are experts in compression yarns. As the new sales manager, I have more than six years of experience in the textile industry, a passion for the company and an open mindset. My goal is to use innovation and networking to lead our customers and Zimmermann to success.

It’s exciting to be part of a new chapter in Zimmermann’s long, rich history. I am proud to learn from, and build on, the heritage and expertise of Wilhelm Dehmer. Zimmermann is a pioneer of covered yarns in the medical area and we would like to prove that we can create value and benefits for our customers.


What do your customers expect from the new team?

Our customers value our passion and 70 years of experience. The industry is changing rapidly, which means we must respond to new circumstances and challenges. Those who do not adapt will quickly disappear. My vision is to provide our customers with positive surprises.

Our technical team is improving our workflow to support the latest Ratti-covering technology by a new yarn-winder generation, as well as digital transformation. Our sales and administration teams are pursuing shorter lead times for dyed yarns and new yarn combinations.


We want to create the future of innovative compression yarn manufacturing with our customers. This is one of my main responsibilities.


We are a global player with a great network. Our vision is to use our networking skills together with modern innovations. We are more than a yarn producer; we act as a service provider and problem-solver for our customers. Our values are rooted in sustainability.


What makes Zimmermann unique?

Zimmermann has a long history. We’re famous for our innovative approach to producing compression yarns. We are the only producer in the world with an international organization with production sites in Germany, the United States and Brazil. Values such as quality, precision and passion are in our DNA.

We know that in order to drive long-term success, we must constantly reinvent ourselves. Over the years, we have built expertise across different industries. Our sense of quality is appreciated, for example, in conductive or carbon yarns and other technical applications. We also are delivering high-quality yarns for socks, narrows or flat knitting yarns.

LYCRA® fiber plays an important role in the core of our yarns. We can create yarns with no constriction, waves or sliding. It provides excellent comfort customers can feel.


What role does The LYCRA Company/LYCRA® fiber play in the development of your products?

The LYCRA Company plays a significant role in our supply chain. The company has always supported us by collaborating in the development within the medical hosiery market. As an example, the right ingredients are needed to prepare a healthy meal. The LYCRA Company provides us with high-quality materials we need for our compression yarns, which help consumers heal—and help build our customers’ reputation. To achieve high-quality yarns, every parameter is highly important. Therefore, the sense of quality is extremely crucial.

Zimmermann’s quality management is done in a laboratory and through several processes adapted according to guidelines. High-quality products demand high-quality components. The LYCRA Company is well known in the market for their T-902C and T-162C compression yarns, which are made with fitting parameters to drive new developments in the medical hosiery sector.


How do you see sustainability, and what is your path forward?

We all play a significant role when it comes to sustainability. A healthier environment requires change and action. We must start thinking differently about the long term. At Zimmermann headquarters, we live and work surrounded by nature and beautiful lakes in the green Allgäu. Respect for the environment, animals, and humans is in our DNA. It starts with small things like reducing waste, having efficient processes and recycling our products. Building a life cycle is important. We see sustainability as an essential aspect of our long-term plans.


If you’re looking for quality covered yarns powered by LYCRA® fiber for your medical compression garments, contact Zimmermann



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