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最新 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡® 运动)技术营销工具包已发布

Published on Feb 15, 2018


David Capdevila 带您了解更多关于 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡® 运动)技术的优势



利用 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡® 运动)技术加快上市速度

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无论您处在价值链的哪个环节,顾客即上帝,让客户满意永远是首要工作。为了让您更轻松地完成工作,莱卡公司开发了一系列完善的营销工具,以推广其 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡® 运动)技术平台。这些 POP 资料旨在帮助消费者了解 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡® 运动)技术为弹力运动装带来舒适、贴身和支撑性能。

Turnkey merchandising materials

The merchandising tool kit includes photography for bespoke items, as well as hang tags, posters, and hanger cards that can be co-branded. Digital video, banner ads and social media guidelines are also available. All the pieces feature the LYCRA® SPORT brand tagline as well as a signature step and repeat watermark: “Because Comfort and Performance Matter™”.

Explore the tool kit >

Examples of in-store displays promoting LYCRA® SPORT technology

In-store merchandising POP banner promotes LYCRA® SPORT technology for technical sportswear with lasting performance

Are you a mill?

The merchandising tool kit adds value when you are selling your LYCRA® SPORT technology PCE™ certified fabrics downstream. Brands and retailers will appreciate being able to promote the LYCRA® brand to consumers who view it as a symbol of quality assurance. The addition of these merchandising tools to support your sales pitch could clinch the deal for you.

Why should you submit your fabric to be LYCRA® SPORT technology certified, and how do you sell it to your customers?

Find answers >

LYCRA® SPORT technology fabric swatches showing the PCE™ Index that grades the performance of stretch fabric for activewear.

LYCRA® SPORT technology fabric swatches showing the PCE™ Index that grades the performance of stretch fabric for activewear.

Are you a brand/retailer?

The key to driving retail sales online or in store is to clearly communicate a technology’s benefits at the point of purchase. These exciting new merchandising tools will help you accomplish this. It’s the type of marketing support you can only get from LYCRA® brand.

What is the PCE™ index and how do you educate shoppers about its benefits?

Get answers >

In-store co-branded POP posters promoting performance stretch activewear made with LYCRA® SPORT technology.

Increase sales with co-branded merchandising

Contact your marketing representative now to order hangtags and POP materials or contact us online.


LYCRA® and PCE™ are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


  • The LYCRA Company

    David Capdevila

    Product Marketing & Merchandising Manager - Spain

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