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Naveena launches SELF-FIT denim powered by LYCRA® fiber technologies

Published on Dec 01, 2021
A model does a split in performance stretch jeans made with Naveena SELF-FIT denim powered by LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology.
Discover how LYCRA® brand’s innovative technologies work, as well as the performance benefits they add to super-stretch jeans made with SELF-FIT denim.

Founded in Pakistan in 2003, Naveena specializes in manufacturing premium yarns and denim fabrics for leading brands around the world. Naveena’s new SELF-FIT denim fabrics are part of its WRAPTECH 2.0 range, which features both LYCRA® fiber and LYCRA® T400® fiber to create super-stretch denim with shape retention that combines flexibility, comfort, and durability that stands up to any wash.

A fiber cross-section shows the elements of LYCRA® tri-core technology. Create stretch jeans with the flexibility of leggings

How it works

LYCRA® Tri-Core technology combines LYCRA® T400® fiber and two types of LYCRA® fiber spandex to provide super stretch and recovery. The fibers are wrapped with cotton for an authentic denim look and feel that offers a greatly enhanced wearing experience. Consumers can enjoy size inclusive jeans that adapt to fit their body type, as well as flexible sizing (fits up to two sizes up or down). Naveena SELF-FIT denim qualifies for LYCRA® FREEF!T technology branding under The Science of Fit™ platform.


Brand and retailer benefits

Online shopping has boomed during the pandemic and so have returns due to poor fit and quality. Naveena’s SELF-FIT denim creates durable jeans with a wider fit window, which may mean less inventory, reduced returns and restocking, and better inventory management for brands and retailers. The environment also benefits because durable jeans are more sustainable.

"Being fashionable” has always been a criterion for fitting in throughout years. But for us, the truth is feeling comfortable in our clothes and in ourselves is the most important and eternal rule of fashion. Humans are diverse, as are denim styles. From slick silhouettes to more relaxed and voluminous, we are all united in diversity. SELF-FIT fabrics are here to remind us that “If you are yourself, you’ll fit right in!"

Aydan Tüzün

Executive Director of Global Sales and Marketing

Naveena Denim Mills

Models demonstrate the comfort, fit and flexibility of jeans made with SELF-FIT denim powered by LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology.
"One-Size-Fits-More” is our innovative approach under the overarching LYCRA® Science of Fit™ platform. LYCRA® fiber technologies for denim and woven garments aim to understand the needs of all body shapes and provide solutions for ultimate comfort and long-lasting durability. But durability is not only the physical properties of the garment, it also applies to the emotional bond that develops between the product and the wearer. That is why we value the importance of the consumer experience highly and make products that align with consumer desires including fit, comfort, style and appearance. Are you ready to co-create solutions and build brand loyalty? Join forces with fabric and garment makers using LYCRA® fiber.

Ebru Ozaydin

Strategic Marketing Director, Denim, Wovens and RTW

The LYCRA Company

Find durable denim fibers

Do you want to create stretch denim offering lasting performance? Search LYCRA® brand fibers designed to solve consumer pain points, offer in-demand sustainability benefits, and much more.

When you’re ready to source fabrics, join LYCRA ONE™ to scroll our virtual marketplace of LYCRA® brand certified fabrics.

LYCRA® and LYCRA® T400® are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


  • The LYCRA Company

    Ebru Ozaydin

    Strategic Marketing Director, Denim, Wovens and RTW - USA

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