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Made in Austria’s premium SUPERFINE® fabrics from Willy Hermann

Garment performance begins with using the best fiber ingredient available

Published on Jul 06, 2018

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The Austrian family-run business Willy Hermann is one of the most important European manufacturers of circular stretch and warp knit fabrics, from standard gauges to fine and ultrafine.

Its registered trademark SUPERFINE® fabric range is remarkable for its completely homogeneous and smooth fabric surface and is sought-after worldwide.

Article reference 12562-MD, certified LYCRA® SPORT and LYCRA® BEAUTY and made with 42% LYCRA® BLACK fiber, is one of the SUPERFINE® collection’s 1,500 fabrics.

Compact and thin, this fabric is fine, smooth and cosy. With no constraining effects and no added weight, it gives the sensation of pure lightness and well-being, with a touch of luxury; making it the perfect solution for designers developing a collection for today’s demanding athleisure consumer.

A black that stays black is also important when style is a key part of the consumer’s purchasing decision process.

Enhanced with LYCRA® BLACK technology, also known as LYCRA® T275Z fiber, the fabric is chlorine, sweat and oil resistant, making it the perfect choice for high performance activewear. It derives its deep color from spun-in black pigment, which helps deeper, darker shades retain their color intensity, while also providing a highly effective solution to the problem of elastane grin-through and glitter.

For more info on how Willy Hermann’s premium Superfine® fabrics will make your collections stand out at retail, visit the Fabric gallery in our portal. Or contact the Willy Hermann sales team directly.

LYCRA® and PCE™ are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.

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