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LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡® 运动)技术营销工具包:品牌商和零售商的问题

Published on Feb 16, 2018


了解如何为您的面料取得 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡® 运动)技术认证。



探索 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡® 运动)技术能够为您的产品带来的优势。

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What is LYCRA® SPORT technology?

This updated platform combines the proven technology of LYCRA® fiber with demanding testing standards called the PCE™ index, which measures fabric performance.


How does the PCE™ index work?

PCE™ stands for Power, Comfort and Energy. Each is an index that measures fabric performance on a 1-10 scale. These indexes are combined to create fabric performance levels tailored to fit the garment’s end use and satisfy the consumer’s need for activewear with targeted support.

  • Power – Measures the shaping or compression effect of a fabric. Create a fabric with a low number for gentle activities like yoga and a higher number for more intense activities like cycling.
  • Comfort – The higher the index the greater the comfort the wearer experiences.
  • Energy - The innovative new Energy Index rates the energy exerted by the body due to fabric construction. The lower the energy index, the lower the effort needed to move the fabric, making it ideal for competitive sports activities. This advanced fabric property is a new point of differentiation for performance fabrics.

Why should I choose fabrics with LYCRA® SPORT technology ?

The LYCRA® brand name adds value to collections and helps drive sales down the value chain, while the PCE™ index makes it easy to differentiate your activewear fabrics by delivering optimal comfort, fit and support.


How can choosing LYCRA® SPORT technology benefit my business?

It optimizes fabric performance and simplifies prototyping, which may increase speed-to-market and reduce costs. A fabric portfolio management tool helps you avoid over-engineering of garments.

What POS tools are available to accelerate the purchase decision and drive sales?

Consumer insights show the key to driving sales is to clearly communicate a technology’s benefits at the point of purchase. Log into our portal to download the LYCRA® SPORT branded consumer merchandising guide and see the exciting variety of customizable tools and concepts available. From free hangtags and videos to co-branded posters, hanger cards, and digital assets - everything is designed to make an impact.

Examples of a co-branded hanger card (left) and a free hangtag (right) promoting LYCRA® SPORT technology certified garments.

Examples of a co-branded hanger card (left) and a free hangtag (right) promoting LYCRA® SPORT technology certified garments.

LYCRA® SPORT and PCE™ are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


  • The LYCRA Company

    David Capdevila

    Product Marketing & Merchandising Manager - Spain

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