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Gildan Secret® & Silks® 袜品成功:与莱卡公司合作创新

Published on Feb 24, 2020





获得关于该市场的洞察,并了解适用于各种体型连裤袜的 LYCRA®(莱卡®)品牌纤维信息。

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Gildan® 是日常运动装、内衣、短袜、丝袜袜等产品的领先制造商。Gildan 的两大袜类品牌 Secret® 和 Silks® 为追求时尚的女性带来风格与舒适性享受。 我们采访了 Secret® 和 Silks® 品牌加拿大营销总监 Claudia Jaroudi,深入了解这些互补的产品系列,以及 Gildan 如何与莱卡公司合作在品类不断演变发展过程中始终保持走在前沿。

How are the Secret® and Silks® lines unique?

Secret® is a well known legwear brand in Canada. It offers affordable, on-trend, high-quality fashion primarily for Millennials, Xennials and Gen X-ers. The Secret® woman creates her own style by exploring new looks. Silks®, is a key brand sold at department stores targeting the modern, sophisticated, 35-plus woman. The Silks® woman prioritizes legwear in her daily wardrobe. Patterns that do well in Silks® include classics like argyle and diamonds, while Secret® includes more modern patterns like houndstooth and plaids.

What sets these brands apart in this very crowded and competitive category?

Innovation. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with The LYCRA Company to bring women the latest and greatest in legwear. Once upon a time, women didn’t have much choice when buying legwear. Now, they’re pleasantly surprised to have many offerings thanks to our brands and technologies. These include styles that use LYCRA® BEAUTY technology for women who look for comfort in shaping; LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ technology for women seeking a durable, yet sheer, style; LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE™ technology for women with curves and a need for comfort; LYCRA® ENERGIZE™ technology for women on the move, and much more. Women have embraced all the LYCRA® technologies we offer, and sales prove they know what they need and want both for everyday legwear fashion and special-occasion styles.

What trends are we seeing in the legwear category, and how have the shifting needs and preferences of consumers, particularly younger women, challenged you to innovate?

We’re seeing women in the spotlight wear sheers, which has definitely put the focus back into our category. This is shown on the fashion runways and in Hollywood celebrity looks. They are embracing classic styles along with fashion legwear.

Younger women are looking for more comfort, particularly in the athleisure segment. Last fall, we launched our new Secret® So Comfy line of legwear styles featuring LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE™ technology. Sustainability is also important to our consumers, and we’ve been able to offer a new legwear line using recycled yarns.

The common thread shared by these lines – no pun intended – is the incorporation of LYCRA® technology.

That’s right. We've really been focused on innovation and technology over the last few years, working closely with The LYCRA Company. Both brands are known in the marketplace for being innovative and evolving with trends and tastes as they change. LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE™ technology, for example, has been integral to the growth of our plus-size collections, delivering the comfort our consumers are looking for.

LYCRA®, XTRA LIFE™, XCEPTIONELLE™, and ENERGIZE™ are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.


  • The LYCRA Company

    Jenifer Strong

    Senior Strategic Account Manager (Legwear) – North America - USA

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