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fbb adopts COOLMAX® technology for Buffalo shirts

Published on Jun 04, 2020
In-store displays showcase breathable Buffalo summer shirts with the moisture-wicking performance of COOLMAX®
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fbb and The LYCRA Company team up to create an in-store promotion for a new line of shirts by Buffalo brand featuring COOLMAX® technology.

Known as India’s fashion hub, fbb turned to The LYCRA Company to help it develop an in-store promotion for its new line of men’s shirts by Buffalo brand, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Featuring COOLMAX® technology and suitable for any occasion, “Checked Shirts” are perfect for hot, humid summers in India. Available in 10 colorways, the stylish new range is engineered to keep the wearer cool, dry and comfortable.


Inside the technology

fbb’s adoption of COOLMAX® technology for woven shirts is a first for one of the leading retailers in India. COOLMAX® technology wicks moisture away from the body and transports it to the surface of the breathable fabric where it evaporates quickly. This means that whether the wearer is being active, or the temperature is high, he can depend on COOLMAX® technology to help him beat the heat.

In-story display of Buffalo’s summer shirts with co-branded merchandising tools promoting its use of COOLMAX® technology.

Trust the marketing experts

Studies show that when consumers are educated about the technology benefits of a garment, they recognize its added value and are willing to pay a higher price. The marketing campaign developed for “Checked Shirts” uses in-store posters, arm tags, sewn labels and hang tags to highlight the benefits of COOLMAX® technology to drive sell-through. This promotion is running in all major fbb stores in India through July 2019 and is being promoted on its Facebook page.


Differentiate Your Collection

Contact Kapil Lakhwara to learn more about the COOLMAX® technology featured in this innovative product range, and how it can add value to your brand’s ready-to-wear garments.


COOLMAX® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.


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