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Published on Jul 06, 2018


了解 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡®运动)PCE 认证面料如何加速产品上市



轻松获取 LYCRA® SPORT(莱卡®运动)PCE 认证面料

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东欧塑身衣市场的大型面料制造商 Elastic/Lauma 提供丰富多样的 Jacquardtronic、Textronic 和拉舍尔弹性针织面料。

Elastic/Lauma has developed their latest fabric - reference 334712 ML - specifically for the high-impact sport segment, where shaping and targeted support is key.

This never-out-of-stock micro fiber fabric, made with 47.7% LYCRA® SPORT fiber technology, features a Power index of 10 and a Comfort index of 9, making it the ideal versatile fabric for medium to high-impact sport activities.

Its smooth surface with a dull shine means it can also be used for lingerie, as it features excellent molding properties.

For more information on how the Elastic/Lauma fabric collection can help move your business, contact the Elastic/Lauma sales team directly.

Visit fabric virtual show rooms from leading mills in our portal, LYCRA ONE™.

LYCRA® and PCE™ are trademarks of The LYCRA Company.

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