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品牌聚焦:Farm to Feet 袜品

Published on Dec 20, 2018

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品牌方可以采用 LYCRA®(莱卡®)纤维并借助我们的领先纺织厂网络升级产品系列。

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Nester Hosiery 创意主管 Dane Nester 最近与我们就其 Farm to Feet 高性能袜品牌进行了交流,今年也是该品牌诞生的五周年。

Meet our expert

Dane Nester, Creative Lead at Nester Hosiery, recently spoke to us about its Farm to Feet™ brand of high-quality performance socks, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.

These unique sport socks are 100% American made in Mount Airy, North Carolina, and uses 100% American ingredients including wool, nylon and spandex. Farm to Feet™ only uses LYCRA® fiber manufactured in Waynesboro, Virginia, where 400 American workers produce the world’s best-known branded fiber each day.

What was the inspiration behind launching Farm to Feet?

About seven years ago, we began to think about creating our own sock brand as a way to grow our business. We wanted to create the world’s best merino wool socks and we wanted to make them in a way that had never done before. We did this by creating a transparent, 100% American supply chain that was built on the knowledge and expertise we had from being a manufacturer for so many years.

Is this why you selected LYCRA® fiber instead of generic spandex? Because you can source it from Waynesboro?

Yes, LYCRA® fiber being made in America was perfect for our brand story. We also appreciate the brand’s focus on creating innovative new products, its technical support, and the high consumer brand awareness that helps drive sales.

Can you tell me about your brand and what makes it unique?

No other sock brand is telling a 100% American made, merino wool story. There are premium socks made in America, but the materials used are sourced from outside of the country. Our entire process - from raising merino sheep on a farm to packaging and displays - takes place in America.

Did Nester Hosiery have any reservations about starting its own brand?

Our biggest concern was how our customers might react, but we had made socks for competing companies previously. We eventually realized producing our own brand wouldn’t be any different. Besides, we really have our own niche with our transparent, American supply chain

Farm to Feet™ brand’s Max Patch performance socks for men feature LYCRA® fiber.

Farm to Feet™ brand’s Max Patch performance socks for men feature LYCRA® fiber.

What was the reaction to Farm to Feet’s launch?

I think our launch caught people off guard. The response has been very positive - especially from American retailers and consumers who were seeking transparent products. I think our brand provides authenticity that consumers are hungry for this day and age.

What types of socks does Farm to Feet™ make?

We specialize in merino-wool performance socks. With 20+ years of manufacturing expertise, we craft socks for a wide range of end uses. Each pair of socks is designed and constructed to meet an individual’s specific needs. Our major product categories are Trail, Everyday, Snow, Hunt/Fish, and Tactical.

What are the construction features of your socks?

We use advanced knitting techniques to create a seamless toe closure that eliminates friction, provides targeted cushioning zones exactly where you need it, and LYCRA® fiber delivers exceptional fit and comfortable compression all day, every day.

Any new collections you can tell us about?

We’re really excited about our new 200 needle technical trail socks. We’re one of the few brands creating performance socks that offer the highest stitching density available. The Trail Collection will be available to retailers in Fall 2019.

How are you marketing your products?

We employ a grass roots approach and use digital marketing to strengthen the connection between consumers and the Farm to Feet™ brand. We frequently sponsor outdoor events, so we can connect directly with customers. Additionally, we recently launched our “American Made” video series on Facebook that celebrates the American manufacturing tradition by telling the stories of real people from our supply chain.

Where can people buy your socks?

They can buy directly from us on our website,, or use our store locator to shop locally.

Farm to Feet™ is a trademark of Nester Hosiery. LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.


Farm to Feet™ is a trademark of Nester Hosiery. LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.

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